Finding the time and energy to dedicate to online learning can difficult.

Much of the wellbeing content available today is in the form of webinars, seminars or multi-day courses – none of which are practical for the average veterinary employee! 

At Kite Veterinary, we make it easy. Our unique microlearning program is specifically designed with busy lives in mind. Our app isn’t intrusive, demanding or gamified.  It is a supportive and educational resource designed to be there for you when you need it. 

With input from wellbeing experts and veterinary professionals, prioritising your personal development has never been easier!

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  • Personal Wellbeing

    In these Kites, the focus is you. We cover a range of topics including (but not limited to!) sleep health, managing stress and anxiety, self-care, determining your values and combatting compassion fatigue.

  • Leadership

    Whether you are already a leader, or an aspiring one, these Kites help you to lead through adversity and champion a positive workplace culture well maintaining wellbeing - for both yourself, and those you work with.

  • Team Culture

    Culture is king and a cohesive team, is a happy one! These Kites are all designed to build trust and rapport within your team and have some fun and creative activities for you to work through together. No matter the size of your workplace, there's something here for you.

  • Relationships

    Resolving conflict is key to maintaining wellbeing, but it can be difficult without the necessary systems in place. These Kites contain information to help you with both your personal and professional relationships and, if you are a parent, we have two special Kites for you - and your kids - here too.

  • Business Skills

    Key topics such as how to tackle poor performance, managing social media, and how to create a customer centric culture help to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Personal Development

    These skills-based topics include: managing finances, creating daily habits for success, coping with change, and time management.

  • Better Client Care

    You can't be your best when you don't feel your best. Employees with better wellbeing scores have been shown to provide better customer satisfaction than those with poor levels of wellbeing at work.

  • Increased Productivity

    Studies have shown that employees who are mentally and physically healthy can be up to three times as productive at work. Additionally, those who feel positively about their workplace and have good mental wellness are also likely to take less sick days.

  • Return on Investment

    The latest research from Xero shows up to 12:1 ROI for those businesses who invest in employee wellbeing. One European study reported for every Euro spent on wellbeing, there was an ROI of between €2.5 and €4.8 due to reduced absenteeism.

  • Flexible and Convenient

    With content being accessed via our handy mobile app, you can look after your wellbeing whenever - and wherever - you choose (so long as you have your mobile device with you!).

  • Reduced Turnover

    Staff members who feel valued and supported experience lower levels of stress in the workplace and are less likely to seek employment elsewhere.

  • Healthy Culture

    Kite Veterinary is designed to reduce the stigma attached to mental health and wellbeing. Integrated into your practice, Kite can spark meaningful conversations and encourage people to reach out when things are tough.

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